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Our Mission

Springdale Public Library

To provide information and materials to meet the needs of the citizens of the community; to serve as a resource in support of the educational process, as general curriculum or self-study; to provide information to assist in life decisions and to satisfy points of interest; to provide opportunities for socialization for all and especially preschoolers and young children; to provide reading, listening, and viewing materials for recreational use; and to serve as an access point to the larger information industry.

Library History

Central Presbyterian Church, circa 1923

Reverend W. G. Brandstetter started a library as a children's summer project at the Central Presbyterian Church. When he asked Mrs. Inez McFee to take over the project, she agreed so long as it would be a public library organized according to modern standards. Mrs. McFee, a former teacher and the author of 16 books, knew all about those standards.

As president of the library board and chair of the building committee, Mrs. McFee led the Library through its fast-paced early years. The Library was open two afternoons a week and quickly turned into a beehive of activity. In the first six months they accessioned hundreds of books, sponsored one event after another, and were loaning out over 200 books a week. The Library was continuously in the news, and in time the board managed to convince the townspeople that the Library was worthy of their support. In 1926, the group raised $3,000, and in 1927 they built a new library at 118 Johnson Street. 118 Johnson Street, Springdale

The years that followed were not easy. The Library was in debt when the Great Depression hit, and library supporters had to struggle through the 1930s just to keep it open.

Beginning in the 1940s the situation improved.

Springdale Public Library, 1966

Today, the Springdale Public Library is a state-of-the-art public library providing the community with books, audio visual materials, online research resources, computers and Internet access, as well as a full range of programming for all ages. The Library is open seven days a week, checks out approximately 1,900 items per day, and more than 1,500 people visit the facility daily.

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